Safe Skin-to-Skin Contact

Developmental Care at Home, NICU & Maternity Ward

Beibamboo Organic Cotton & Bamboo
Premature - Newborn Baby Clothing
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Zaky ZAK, aka Kangaroo Zak
For safe skin-to-skin contact and optimal breastfeeding start.

Zaky ZAK is the only innovative device ergonomically designed with the sole objective of facilitating safe, prolonged and effective kangaroo care sessions in the NICU and Postpartum.


Safe and prolonged holding, empowering and enabling parents, forms one of the most important factors in Family Centred Developmental Care.

Zaky ZAK provides comfort, proper positioning, and sense of security to the baby, virtually eliminates the risk of accidental falls and slipping that causes dislodging of medical equipment. 


Here is the link to The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Clinical Guidelines Skin to Skin Care . 

We recommend using the firm "stretchy top" Zaky ZAK to keep baby secure.

Zaky ZAK wrap keeps baby in the right position because it is thin, firm and stretchy.

It is light in color so position and fluids are easy to feel and see.

Zaky ZAK will not over heat mum and baby.

Emergency release is quick and easy with no buttons or unwrapping required.

For more information about Zaky ZAK go to Product FAQ


If the hospital does not provide you with Zaky ZAK you may bring your own in to use.

Hospitals seeking donations towards Zaky ZAK include Royal Prince Alfred Hospital & Monash Children's Hospital.

Some of the major hospitals and hospital groups using Zaky ZAK:



Beibamboo Best for Baby

Hospital Range for Preemies and Newborns.

Scandinavian award winning design, 50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton. 


Cleverly our Beibamboo hospital NICU range has a fully opening design that takes essential tubes and wires into account.

Our hospital range means that parents themselves can perform simple everyday tasks like changing their child’s clothes or nappies, thus bonding with and actively caring for their child.

This not only frees up the hospital staff’s time saving money, but has also been proven to speed up the baby’s recovery,

qualifying as a Family Centred Developmental Care tool.


Beibamboo enjoyes recognition for its innovative and fuctional design

• Design Deed of the Year 2012 | Vuoden Designteko 2012 Design From Finland
• Finalist at SOURCE Global Ethical & sustainable Fashion Awards, London 2012
• World Design Capital- program Helsinki 2012
• Special Recognition Award at EUWIIN Reykjavik 2011
• Silver Medal at Swedish Inventors Association, SUF 125 Stockholm 2011